Pastry with Cheese Filling

Pastry with Cheese Filling

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Pastry with Cheese Filling

Product Code: 2201001
Pastry with Cheese Filling is made by placing a special cheese variety from Gaziantep between layers of thinly rolled phyllo dough, similar to that used for making baklava. The same plain butter used for baklava is used for this product as well. The quality of the ingredients used to make this product helps it stand out with its deliciousness.

 It does not contain any natural preservatives or additives.  Our products are made daily.

Number of pieces: Approximately 15-17 Pieces in 1 Kg

Content: Contains granulated sugar, drinking water, wheat flour, plain butter, sterilized milk, wheat starch, egg, Cheese.

Recommended to be consumed within 2 days if stored at +4 oC.  Do not expose to direct sunlight.

Allergen warning:  Contains Antep cheese.  Contains wheat gluten.

Only delivered by courier within Istanbul.